Village Fish & Chips, Waterdown

The main sign is 3 ft. wide and almost 6 ft. tall. The gilded top of the sign is carved (gouged-out) around the lighthouse. The chisel marks were purposely left to highlight the gilding. The letters on both the larger and smaller board below are also carved and gilded with 23-karat gold leaf.

This family owned business has been in operation since 1969 and the building was built in 1929. The large older signs looked their age and needed upgrading.

This smaller sign at the side of the entrance is also carved and gilded and displays their menu.

With the help of the signs, the awning and some building changes the restaurant started to take on a new look.

This carved sign was placed on the other side of the entrance door.

Village Fish & Chips Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for your suggestions and your sign designs during the recent renovations to my family business. When we first talked I knew I wanted to upgrade and improve the image of the restaurant but knew there were so many ways to go about this. The final improvements to the building transformed the restaurant to the point where the Town gave us an award for the beautification of our building.

Your beautifully designed main sign, the two smaller carved signs on either side of the door and the new awning you supplied made a very positive difference to the appearance of the building. I also placed several large potted plants along the front of the building which added to the overall improved image of the restaurant.

Iíve had numerous complements on the new signs and our new look. Thanks so much for your craftsmanship and help.

Neil Bos
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